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Learn How To Build A Strong Brand That Attracts Your Perfect Clients, Like A Magnet

"Client Attraction Is Vital For The Growth And Success Of Your Brand"

Clients are the lifeblood of every business. Without them, your business will cease to exist. And to attract them you must have a strong brand.

This online course will deep dive into the most essential elements of your brand. Through the process, you will create a clear view of your brand journey and uncover your roadmap to certain success.

After completing this in-depth brand discovery programme you will have laid a strong foundation for your brand, and gained the insights, tools and techniques you need to grow your brand and attract your perfect clients, like a magnet.

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Customer Testimonials

See what previous enrollees have said about Magnetise Your Brand™

A truly well-organized course! The rhythm and pace guides and accompanies you, raising awareness through excellent questions. At the end, you find yourself with the information and the clarity you need to move forward. Great job!

Nina Gabriella Madaffari, Italy

Immense value in the course. Stop wasting time on cold calling and advertising - grab the Magnetise Your Clients course!

Morten Kaspar Gudmundseth, Norway

I recently complete the Jae's Magnetise Your Clients online course and wow, what a course!

Jae has so much experience and knowledge on this subject so I knew it would be good but I was blown away with the content, the exercises were of massive value and by working through the course I have been able to really gain clarity and confidence on exactly what I'm offering and to whom.

If you've recently set-up your own business or just don't feel confident in speaking about your business, this is the course for you!!

Stephanie Bonnie, Ireland

Note: All the above testimonials can be verified in the Recommendations section of my LinkedIn profile.

What's This Magnetise Your Clients™ Online Programme About?

It's More Than Just An Online Course. It's A Deep-Dive Into Your Brand.

Your business needs clients to survive and thrive. By building a strong brand in the right way, you will be better able to attract your perfect clients more easily. Your perfect clients will come looking for you, instead of you having to go out and hunt for them.

Magnetise Your Clients™ will guide you, step by step, through your brand discover journey; giving you the essential knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to attract your perfect clients, like a magnet.


  • Define the parameters of your brand message;
  • Map out your success journey and hone your goals;
  • Strengthen your why;
  • Create a profile of your perfect clients;


  • How to turn your competitors into a valuable asset!
  • How to deliver your brand message with power, authority and persuasion;
  • Typical fear mindsets and how to overcome them;
  • How to overcome self-belief issues and negative self-talk that could potentially hinder the success of your brand;
  • Two quick and easy techniques to step into your power and instantly feel confident in any scenario;
  • And much, much more.

Receive 12 Months Access + Email Support For Just £63

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Who Should Enrol Onto This Training Programme And Why?

Magnetise Your Brand™ - How To Create A Strong Brand That Attracts Your Perfect Clients, Like A Magnet is an ideal online programme for business owners and professionals, who:

  1. Feel like their brand is stuck and not moving in the direction and/or at the speed they would like;
  2. Want to get a clearer understanding of their perfect clients' desires, needs and motivators;
  3. Want to feel more confident in communicating their brand story.

This online programme is more than just an online training course. It will guide you through an in-depth discovery of your brand and its full potential.

Note: The course is a valuable investment - in both money and time - into your brand's success. For maximum value from the programme, you will need to be prepared to invest between 3 to 6 hours (depending on how fast you work and how in-depth you choose to go) in order to complete the exercises contained within the course.

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About Your Trainer, Jae-Lex Linsey

Jae-lex Linsey (known informally as 'Jae') is an international Brand Communication Mentor, business speaker, trainer, and published author.

Jae has over 12 years' experience in branding, more than 40 years' public speaking experience (he started at 8 years of age) and six plus years' coaching and mentoring experience.

His passion is to empower business professionals and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to to grow their brand through effective communication and confident speaking.

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Receive 12 Months Access + Email Support For Just £63

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